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Need a review of the practicum lab demonstrations from the virtual MORE course? Get your personal copy now available for download at; eppicot.teachable.com

This collection of recordings make a valuable companion to the popular MORE book and the virtual MORE course, expanding on concepts from the book, and offering a review of treatment demonstrations covered in the course.
Overview (7:29)
This segment provides a brief synopsis of the Suck/Swallow/Breathe (SSB) concepts. It is helpful for orienting parents, educators, and other professionals to the importance of the SSB in development and function.

Be Aware of Aunt Tilly (5:36)
That little voice in the back of your mind that imparts the rules of the world (with no particular scientific support).

Grocery Bag Practicum (12:10)
This feature is designed to take viewers through a practical experience with a variety of tastes, textures, and sensory motor options to evaluate the therapeutic value of such experiences.

Therapeutic Use of Blow Toys (20:37)
Acquaints viewers with a variety of blow toys and discusses how to gain the most therapeutic value from them. It includes care and cleaning suggestions.

Oral Motor Intervention Strategies (15:25)
Offers some basic techniques for oral defensiveness and for oral facial muscles to improve function of the SSB.

Strategies for Respiration (25:25)
Practice observations skills and learn simple, easy to implement “hands on” techniques for improving respiratory function