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The RAIR Boundex® and Toddler Tumblex*
 It's now here and available for purchase at Tumbl Trak - link below
The overall impact of this unique product lies in the exceptional sensory motor experience it offers the baby and toddler. In simple terms, the following support to development is observed:

Triggers the child’s drive to explore and challenge gravity using the total body.
• Promotes elongation, activation, strengthening and grading of core muscles of the body
Develops strength and stability of the shoulders, arms and hands through grasp, weight bearing, and weight shifting
Promotes 3 dimensional, refined movement through elongation and gradation 
Develops strength and stability of the pelvis, knees and feet through weight bearing, expansion, weight shift, and gradation, which leads to 3 dimensional, refined movement
Facilitates stability with mobility throughout the body (no fixing/holding or compensatory patterns)
Vestibular, somatosensory integration is promoted with each action for improving balance and coordination
Increases depth and variability of respiration; encourages vocalization
The child’s movement actively facilitates integration of primitive reflexes allowing the emergence of 3 dimensional motor patterns
The child’s movements foster controlled gradation of multiple muscle synergies, i.e. top/bottom, left/right, front/back, diagonal/rotational

Order now: Baby Boundex
* The Tumblex is not available at this time.
Lightweight and mobile, the Boundex and Tumblex can be used indoors or outside. 
Basic 4' X 4' unit that offers unique sensory motor activity for the infant and young child. ($399+ S/H)
Case Example
Before and after use of the Baby Boundex™ for 3.5 months. 4 year old child with CP.
The Baby Boundex™ can be used in a variety of ways with a variety of age groups and diagnoses.