Richter Active Integration Resources
The Hill (17" high)
The Mountain (38" high)
Log (Hot Dog)
RichterAIR Inflatable Products
Inflatable shapes provide opportunities for weight bearing on dynamic surfaces. The instability of the surface prevents 'fixing' and activates core and proximal joint muscles leading to a balance of postural stability with mobility. Each shape offers a variety of therapeutic opportunities.

The Mountain and the Hill (ramps) are irresistible challenges with various anti gravity demands. Climbing up shifts weight to the lower body so that
the upper trunk and shoulder girdle don't require heavy weight bearing, while crawling down increases the weight bearing demands on the upper
extremities. They are versatile additions to any treatment space, sensory motor gym or gross motor play space.

The Hot Dog (inflated barrel and log) provide endless options for total body movement combining sensory motor experiences with spatial components. 

RAIR Inflatables may be purchased from SensaMart at www.sensamart.com.
Ideal for anti gravity activities that build proximal joint strength and stability with rotation. ($279+S/H)
The height increases the anti gravity demands of climbing, crawling and rolling on this 'Mountain. ($359+ S/H)
This shape is perfect for rolling, rocking and tumbling safely on the soft air filled surface.
The length of this roll allows the therapist to be on it with the child, controlling the amount of bounce and roll/rock.
Hot Dog & Bun
This combination allows a roll in 2 dimensional space, or it can be used to elicit balance reactions, climbing or head-toe rocking onto hands and feet. ($279+ S/H)
Ocean Wave
The Ocean Wave offers a more stable, yet dynamic surface for crawling and rolling with less gravitational challenge than a ball or waterbed mattress. ($259+ S/H)